Allowing people to move around safely and protecting assets.

These days, building and traffic infrastructure pose serious challenges in terms of fault prevention and fire protection. Contractors and consultants take these challenges seriously: buildings such as hospitals, event venues and office complexes are equipped with higher-order safety technologies.

This ensures that people will be able to save themselves in the event of a fire, and that the damage resulting from successful fire-fighting interventions is minimised. While the new challenges presented by ever more complex applications certainly threaten the infrastructure, it is also imperative that the highest level of safety is guaranteed everywhere else too. Our BETAflam® products meet all the relevant international standards for both high-rise and underground constructions.

We are convinced that the trend towards comprehensive safety for the future deserves our close attention, and that our high-quality products can make an important contribution.


Public buildings
Our cable and installation systems supply the safety installations and the emergency evacuation routes and exits in hospitals, schools, homes, museums, stadiums, etc. 

Railway stations / underground stations / airports 
Our safety cables are used for the lighting and identification of evacuation routes and emergency exits to increase the safety of the building infrastructure.

Our cables and installation systems are used to provide a safe power supply for signage, lighting and control in infrastructure equipment in all types of transportation networks.

Our cables and installation systems guarantee a safe power supply to lighting and visual guidance systems, smoke extraction fans and escape routes in case of emergency situations.


All over the world.

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