Safety cables for the most demanding requirements

Thanks to their proven quality, BETAflam® Safety cables are accepted and used throughout the world; they are being used increasingly for buildings in the Middle East. Produced to international standards, they meet the most demanding quality requirements.

The minimal fume emissions and excellent fire resistance characteristics of halogen-free BETAflam® safety cables are compelling for their performance in the event of fire. They are therefore ideally suited for electrical building wiring in safety-relevant components such as smoke detectors, emergency exit lighting, smoke extraction and fire fighting equipment.

We carry out a range of different fire tests on installation cables, fire alarm cables, power cables and various other products in our own fire testing laboratory, under conditions that are very true to life. This paves the way for straightforward certification of our products with regard to fulfilling the circuit integrity, flame retardance and other standards required by national and international standards.

BETAflam® cables according to British Standard BS 6387

Wires and cables for demanding safety requirements to British Standard BS 6387. more …

BETAflam® cables according to German VDE standards

Wires and cables for demanding safety requirements. Pollutant-free, flame resistant, and low smoke, with system circuit integrity to DIN 4102-1. more…

BETAflam® cables according to Swiss standards

Our wires and cables meet the required safety standards, providing low-cost solutions with a long service life. more…

BETAfixss® certified cable support systems with system circuit integrity to DIN 4102

BETAfixss® support systems are used for cable systems with circuit integrity. They also provide fire-safe fixings for cables that have been laid in the area between floors and F30 or F90 false ceilings. more…


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