White Paper LEONI goes GHMT PVP

The GHMT PVP specifies the requirement that all products sold have to meet at least the normative values at any place and at any time, which is a huge challenge per se. It is therefore logical that not all products offered on the market meet these requirements. But also with the manufacturers already listed in the GHMT PVP it is apparent that only a limited number of products are certified by the GHMT PVP out of the wide range of products offered. This is different with LEONI!
As early as in 2006, LEONI opted for participating in the program of independent checks including stringent yet realistic requirements since we see ourselves as a manufacturer of high-quality products and are happy to have this verified by an independent laboratory. Others do this, too, yet in a qualified sense!
Within the framework of an unprecedented long-term quality campaign, LEONI have made their suppliers and their own production plants commit themselves to complying with these stringent quality requirements and secured these once again by taking the corresponding optimization and quality assurance measures. This has resulted by far in the most comprehensive and independently verified product portfolio in the network market. We prove a high level of quality independently and do not just claim it! This means a wide range of high-quality products our customers can choose from.

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New signal cables and fire alarm cables

BETAflam® JE-H(St)H FE180/E30 SIR

Shielded installation cable for fixed installation in cable systems with improved fire performance and system circuit integrity to DIN 4102 part 12.

  • Very high safety standards
  • System circuit integrity to DIN 4102 part 12
  • Halogen free
  • In compliance with RoHS directive
  • Smooth and compact

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Brand-new cable protection

BETApower Fireprotec – improved fire protection for a lower price

With this cable absolutely everything is under control. Nowadays, an increased need for energy supply and an ever more complex transport infrastructure are characteristics not only for our economic life. Requirements which the modified BETApower Fireprotec medium voltage single-core cable more than fulfills. The improved cable construction effectively counters interferences and fire. In case of emergency, it offers more than 180 minutes of full insulation integrity and further shows up to 60 percent lower installation costs compared to conventional low voltage cable solutions. Its compact and light design makes the innovative BETApower Fireprotec particularly well suited for new buildings with stringent safety requirements in the field of civil engineering.

Mica tapes – Effective fire barriers for cables

Various methods are used to make safety cables fire resistant. One proven method is to apply a mica tape insulation layer directly on the metal wire. The layer protects against short circuit in case of fire and helps to significantly extend the system integrity for emergency power supply, fire alarm and evacuation systems in buildings, tunnels and rolling stock materials or in other safety related applications.

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New: BETAdrive C-flex – Shielded connection cable for motors

Shielded connection cable for motors
BETAdrive C-flex with symmetrical conductor layout, non-flame propagating

Fixed and flexible applications for average mechanical stress used in dry, humid and wet rooms. UV an weather resistant. This cable is especially designed and electrically optimised for power supply between frequency converters and low-voltage electric motors.

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Roflex – Robust, flexible, broad application range

Power and control cables with a Polyurethane outer sheath, (commonly abbreviated PUR or TPU), replace increasingly the classical rubber cables in many application fields. In combination with cross-linked Ethylene-Propylene-Rubber (EPR is a halogen free synthetic rubber) as wire insulation, ROFLEX® from LEONI Studer combines the excellent properties of PUR such as

• high tearing and bending strength
• high resistance to abrasion
• very good flexibility at low temperature
• high long-term ageing performance due to excellent thermal stability
• good resistance to mineral oils and fats

among the well-known properties of a halogen free cable
• low corrosive gases
• low toxic gases
• low smoke emission

• an excellent water resistance at increased electrical insulation properties

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BETAflam® FE0


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